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Sinne & Emotionen


Design & Atmosphäre

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From a new idea to a product



Inspiration is of high importance for a personalized solution. Production of individual signatures is a real challenge.


Our aspiration is to communicate the emotions and messages.


If needed, we support in the process of further clarification. This applies not only to a design concept.


We offer competent solutions for each detail so that functionality and structure are secured. Therefore cooperation with our network partners is also possible. 

Character and face


Each project shall tell a story lively and impressively.


It requires an attractive face and a distinctive character.


Like skin, special surfaces cover the desired element. Every object will be uniquely composed.


Distinctive surfaces are supported by intelligent structures. Function, design and construction physics are always the basis for a perfect result.

 Creativity and competence

IDM can combine economic efficiency and creativity from the very first step.


Professional competence is the basis for individual realization of the structure and design.



Technical solutions as well as tailor-made design of the surfaces will be individually developed.


It can be produced functional elements, furniture and distinctive surfaces. This will save the effort and costs.


An invaluable advantage for clients is the combination of design, structure and technology. These three pillars secure the feasibility and economic efficiency.