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As a manufacture for brand architecture we have a special aspiration. Personalized manufacture of products shall communicate a distinctive character of each project. For that reason every piece of work is unique. [Public presentation of personalized orders is out of the question.] The visions of our partners and clients are our inspirations.  Constant challenges lead to new enhanced quality.


High quality of materials is the basis for premium products. Furthermore, the cooperation with the regional enterprises creates trust.


We cherish the location of Saarland and Saarbrücken. Good infrastructure of the region facilitates the manufacturing of unique products.




HOW WE [uniquely] WORK 

We sell NOTHING!

[We develop personalized solutions]


Personalized work of IDM conveys expression and emotion. Such solutions are of high importance for our clients. Implementation must communicate the personality of our clients. We support our clients in the realization of core elements and individual visions. Personal taste and the budget of the client define the design possibilities.


Every order implies a fair issue of profit.

For IDM economic benefits are not the priority.


On the contrary, intelligent solutions shall prevent unnecessary expenditures. Each cooperation and every new project shall facilitate further development of products. New challenges set new boundaries and inspire for new solutions. Continuous improvement of services and products creates the benefit for each party concerned.


We offer individual, sustainable solutions on the basis of economic efficiency and added value. Fair prices for the services of the highest standards are our aspiration.




The answer is the key idea that we follow while developing our projects. No pattern or raster shall limit the vision of the client.

For that reason sound communication is the basis for a successful concept. Transparent presentation of main reasons, costs and facts is the basis for us.This principle is the cornerstone while rendering services to private and public clients according to their individual demands. We regard ourselves as a partner.  Coordination of overall performance is included into the whole service package


consultancy   planing  o  visualisation

room, wall and floor compotsition   

exhibition stand construction, shopfitting, cabinetry

projekct financing



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