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Manufacturer for brand architecture


As a brand architecture manufacturer we are guided mainly by the demands of the Saar-Lor-Lux region. Moreover, IDM has a worldwide network of partners and is directly represented 200 km from Saarbrücken, Germany. Customer and brand support (exhibitions, shopfitting) is provided worldwide.


Saarland is an ideal manufacturing location for brand architecture products.

Our expertise and high quality of products make up an exceptional combination. The value of more than 20 years of experience flows into each project.


Cooperation with the selected customers, suppliers, designers, planners and craftsmen ensure the unique high quality of the complete service package.



A one of a kind composition of facades, rooms and objects is the basis for our personalized customer service.

Innovative materials generate impressive accents. Due to intelligent solutions each project of IDM is also economically attractive. Individual customer demands are part and parcel for every step of the project.


The aim of successful cooperation is to make your vision a reality. Each concept possesses an individual character. Distinctive elements are unique and will not be copied or reproduced in future projects.


Customer orders remain one of a kind.


Qualified master craftsmen reliably and professionally give life to any vision. You will be delivered one-stop-shop solutions.



Intelligent and professional use of innovative materials and the passion of highly qualified craftsmen lend a special touch to each project.


Each project comes into being on the basis of tailor-made product solutions. Discreet and 

trustful cooperation with the selected clients is the precondition for a successful project implementation. [The results will not be presented to the public by us.]


The products used for projects have a unique material composition. They are produced in Saarland, Germany. This ensures the economic viability of the projects.


There is no series production that diminishes the value of a product line in the long run.

Exclusive products: Saar-Stone-Design



Regional wooden and floral structures for distinctive surfaces 


The reverse side of a glass is refined with sediment profiles



Fireproof sediment veneer on the basis of natural stone tissue and quarz sand.


Fireproof panels do not contain glass fiber or polyester



Decorative light elements for room compositions